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Virtual Casino Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
clawsoft.ArrayOutOfBoundsExceptionThrow this exception when an operation over an array exceeds is inbound and outbound limits
clawsoft.BaseButtonBase interface for use with buttons
clawsoft.BrokenPipeExceptionThis eception is thrown whenever the other end of communication has died or in the case of a socket when the remote host has closed connection without warning
clawsoft.ConnectionRefusedExceptionThrow this exception when the connection gets refused by the other host
clawsoft.ConnectionTimeoutExceptionThrow this exception when the connection passes the timeout
clawsoft.DSOExceptionUse this exception whenever you want to throw a generic exception over a dso (dynamic shared object) event
clawsoft.ElementNotFoundExceptionUse this exception when a search for an element returned no results or the results given doens't match what you were looking for
clawsoft.EventEvent parent class, this class does nothing, it is just an interface
clawsoft.ExceptionThis is the parent class of all the exceptions;
clawsoft.GameJust an interface for th games
clawsoft.GUIObjectInterface for all GUI objects
clawsoft.IOExceptionThis is a generic exception for I/O events
clawsoft.List< T >This class handles single linked lists using templates, don't use this class if you intend to share it's data between threads if you do please use the appropiate semaphore or mutex code to prevent data corruption between threads, you have been warned
clawsoft.List< T >.nodeTThis subclass represents a node in the list it stores the information en the data member and has a pointer to the following node int the member next
clawsoft.MouseEventThis class defines how to catch and report events from the mouse pointer device, and also provides an interface for knowing it's status
clawsoft.MutexThis class defines an interface to MUTual EXclusion locks
clawsoft.MutexExceptionThis is the generic exception thrown for mutexes
clawsoft.NetworkExceptionThis is a generic exception it is supposed to be thrown for undefined or generic network events
clawsoft.NetworkUnreachableExceptionThis exception is thrown when the remote host cannot be reached by this host
clawsoft.NoMoreTokensExceptionUse or trap this exception when you need to check if ha Tokenizer has no more tokens to find in the current string
clawsoft.NullPointerExceptionThrow this exception when doing something that is not appropiate with a null pointer
clawsoft.NumberExceptionThrow this exception when expecting a number in an operation and and receiving something different
clawsoft.ObjectThis one is the most primitive of all the classes, the first ancestor
clawsoft.PluginThis is the plugin class, it adds an interface for loading dynamic shared objects to your program
clawsoft.ProcOutOfFileDescriptorsExceptionThis exception is thrown when the process is going out of files
clawsoft.RectThis class is used to define rectangular areas
ServerThis class implements server socket which attends petitions from the clients, turning each petition in a thread
clawsoft.ServerSocketThis class handles the socket server interface
clawsoft.SharedVar< T >This class is define template to implemented Shared varibles
clawsoft.SocketThis is the main interface for client sockets
clawsoft.SocketAlreadyBoundedExceptionThrow this exception whenever yo hav a socket that is already bounded to an address
clawsoft.SocketAlreadyUsedExceptionThis exception is thrown when a previous socket is listening to this port
clawsoft.SocketBaseThis is the socket parent class, this one contains information and methods shared by client and server sockets
clawsoft.SocketUnableToReadExceptionThis exception is thrown if it is not possible to read data from the other end of communications
clawsoft.SocketUnableToWriteExceptionThis exception is thrown if it is not possible to write data to the other end of communications
clawsoft.StringThis a string treatment class, it has a lot of methods and the main idea is eliminate de use of the common tricks we use everyday while we work with strings
clawsoft.SysOutOfFileDescriptorsExceptionThis exception is thrown when the system is going out of files
clawsoft.ThreadThis class encapsulates the thread library functionality through SDL and GNU Pth
clawsoft.TokenizerThis utilitary class is used whenever you need to split a string into tokens iteratively
clawsoft.UnableToLockMutexExceptionThis exception is used when a mutex failed to lock the current thread
clawsoft.UnableToUnlockMutexExceptionThis exception is used when a mutex failed to unlock the current thread

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